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Going Solar 101 – 7: Is solar right for me?

Going Solar 101-Serious About Sustainability

You know the benefits, you’ve seen the options, now you want to know if from a technical standpoint if your property has potential for a solar system.

What are some things to consider when gauging solar potential?

You might consider; the positioning of your roof, which way it faces, roofs facing south generally provide more power than those facing east or west. Consider if there are any skyward obstructions like trees or large satellites, as these offset the capture potential.

How do I find out the technical aspects of going solar?

Here at Texas Direct Solar we use state of the art software which gives us a technical readout of any property address we punch in, in a couple hours we can have a comprehensive report of your solar potential, how much your system will cost and your potential savings, all you have to do is complete a form and you’ll have taken the first step to energy independence.

How does the software work?

With your address, we model your house in three dimensions based on public domain satellite images, the software allows us to then simulate the positioning of the sun throughout the day and how much energy you will capture based on a standard solar panel system which we can optimize depending on which parts of your roof get the most light. We include all this information in a proposal we will send you once you have signed up for the free consultation.

After free consultation you might be thinking, “this is where it gets tricky, and where I start shelling out lots of cash”. However, there are quite a few discounts we can arrange for you on your panel system, read about them here.