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Going Solar 101 – 3: 3 Financial Benefits of Going Solar

Going Solar 101-Serious About Sustainability

Most of our clients go solar for one of two reasons, to make an investment in a clean future, or an investment with a guaranteed return. Solar Panels may be one of the only guaranteed investments you can make at any age which will never stop providing value to you, let’s go over the 3 financial benefits of solar panels. Solar is a long term investment with immediate results. By going solar and producing your own energy, you hedge yourself against rising energy costs, maintaining stability by protecting yourself from the volatile energy market. Solar can increase your property value. Studies* have found that homes with Solar Panels sell 20% faster than those without them, and in California the property value of a home with Solar increases $4 per watt, so on a 5kw system that’s an ROI of $20,000. The search volume for homes with solar panels has been increasing significantly over the past 5 years.

Solar lets you capitalize on existing assets. For business owners looking for alternative sources of revenue, solar may prove a valuable option, for a few reasons. Have a carport or lots of roof space? By installing solar panels on sites like these, you’ll increase your property value, and also turn a profit by turning your property into an urban solar farm, it’s the way of the future. Personal and Commercial finances and the environment may play a role in your choice toward solar, but there are few other reasons you might consider it, and they’re kind of selfish.

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