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Going Solar 101 – 4: A few strategic (possibly selfish) reasons people choose solar.

Going Solar 101-Serious About Sustainability

Beyond the environment or personal finance there are a few reasons a homeowner or a commercial property owner might choose to go solar, they are as follows.

Solar lets you keep the lights on.

We have yet to find anyone who enjoys a power outage, it’s more fuel in the proverbial fire that comes with bad weather or poor electric connectivity. Solar eliminates this problem entirely, by producing and storing your own energy you get to save yourself the trouble of shelling out the candles and trying to find the remote so you can change the flashlight batteries.

Going solar lets you demonstrate your ideology.

Nothing screams “I care about the environment” or “ I make financially sound decisions” than slapping a couple of solar panels on your rooftop, going solar now gives you bragging rights with your neighbors, and at Texas Direct Solar we make community solar easy with our referral program, if you get one of your friends to go solar with you, we’ll give you both $500.

Going Solar is all good publicity.

In the same tone as the previous point, from a commercial standpoint, going solar is a way to be recognized as a forward thinking company, and is a good strategy to shape up your public image. Also, some employees prefer to work for companies who adopt green energy strategies, so it’s an all around win situation. As you probably know by now, there are plenty of reasons to go solar, “but how do I go solar?”, “are there different ways of going solar”, yes, and we’ll cover those questions and more technical issues in the next block of the series.