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Going Solar 101 – 8: How to finance your solar panel system.

Going Solar 101-Serious About Sustainability

We’ve reached the part everyone fears, the dreaded financing of one’s solar array… Unjustly dreaded, because there are plenty of incentives to get you started on your way to energy independence. So if you are wondering what we can offer you as a company, keep on reading.

The federal government will discount 26% off your Solar Panels.

If you own the property you want to install solar on, and are buying the solar array (not leasing, or renting it) then during 2020 you’ll be eligible for the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), which takes 26% off your purchase. In 2021 the rate will drop 20% so time is of the essence. You can read more about the ITC here.

You can finance your system for $0 down

That’s right, you just have to say “Go” and you’ll immediately start getting your solar array installed from experienced Texas based providers, and this is applied after the ITC so really there is nothing stopping you.

We provide you with an exclusive limited time discount.

Just by filling out our form, not only will you get a customized estimate for your solar array with a technical readout, like we have discussed previously, but you’ll be joining the Texas Direct Solar family, and as a family owned business, we take care of our own, so we’re going to give you an exclusive limited time discount on your solar array.

All you have to do to benefit from these offers is sign up here!

After getting your financing options in order all you have to do is sit back and let the process unfold, which we discuss in the closing of this series.