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The Stability of Grid-Tied Solar.

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In our last post, we spoke about off-grid living and how it can be beneficial for those who want to secure complete energy independence and create their modern Texas homestead. Today we’ll be covering Grid-Tied Solar, the most standard solar setup.

To get a feel for how it works, check out our diagram below!

, The Stability of Grid-Tied Solar.

With Grid Tied Solar you still have to pay a monthly electric bill, but the excess solar power you send back into the grid offsets it’s cost through net metering credits, when you run out of credits you’ll pay full price for the periods you use grid electricity. Furthermore, by being tied to the grid, if the grid goes down, the inverter switches off and you won’t have any access to your solar power, even though it’s your system, the trade-off is that as long as the grid is up, you have the stability of consistent grid energy whenever you want it.

Climate and Geography play a role in panel performance and consistency, but not so much here in sunny Texas, so the concept of having a Modern Homestead in Texas is not so far fetched at all, and it could be rural, urban or suburban, our state laws dictate that Homeowners Associations (HOA’s), albeit granted regulatory power, cannot prohibit the installation of solar devices as stipulated in the Texas Property Code item 202:010. Even if you don’t get off the grid and choose to stick with a good old fashioned grid-tied system, choosing solar may be the cheaper choice, and makes monitoring your energy a whole lot easier. So if you’re feeling like making some changes before the world goes back to normal to prepare yourself for what lies down the road, then click here to get started by speaking with us! We are conducting our business with everyone’s health and safety in mind, so our business calls can be done over the phone or the internet, and we are doing contactless installations, so you can stay sheltered while your Modern Texas Homestead takes shape around you. Until then, stay safe, healthy and informed!