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Natural Gas Generators Versus Solar Batteries

Natural Gas Generators Versus Solar Batteries

Did you know that approximately three percent of all electricity in America is solar? Solar energy has become a new staple in the United States as a form of renewable energy. 

Whether you are looking for a backup tool when disaster strikes or turning your home solar-friendly – is it better to purchase natural gas generators or solar batteries? 

Keep reading on to learn more about how natural gas compares to solar energy and which option is best for your home. 

Natural Gas Generators

A gas generator is widely used in many American homes. Natural gas is cheaper than diesel fuel and produces less carbon pollution than other gas (however if you include the release of methane during the natural gas extraction process is a different story). Many people are turning to natural gas generators for a backup option when there is a power outage. 

Natural gas tends to be easier to run, manage, and maintain compared to others. Usually, a gas generator will be installed in your backyard and will kick in when your power goes out. The positive aspect is that these backups will typically kick on automatically, meaning you don’t have to go outside and mess with it. 

However, it does require some level of maintenance and care. You should check your generator regularly – sometimes even monthly – for engine coolant and oil levels. While it has a longer shelf life than gas or diesel, it will require annual maintenance and regular check-ins to make sure it is running properly. This maintenance is often sold as an annual package maintenance which, you should consider when figuring the overall price.

It also takes up some space and will need an elevated concrete pad. The generator size can vary depending on your backup power needs.

What if you don't have a natural gas line by your house?

You can still get natural gas, although it will be a bit trickier. In these cases, a truck has to bring out the natural gas or propane you which can result in higher prices and be more time-consuming. 

Solar Energy

One of fastest growing forms of renewable energy is solar energy. This form of energy leaves even less of a carbon footprint compared to natural gas. In fact – if you are wanting to make the push for being more environmentally friendly, solar energy does not produce any greenhouse gases. (There are some environmental considerations in the manufacturing and mining processes).

This can give you peace of mind that you are helping do your part for a healthier environment. In some areas, such as Texas, it can actually save you money in the long run. 

Solar energy has been growing at a rapid clip in the United States, and while major gains have been made there is still a long way for it to grow.

Solar Batteries

Solar batteries are a method to store solar energy for backup methods or in case of an emergency. This is solar’s comparable tool to natural gas generators. 

But – are solar batteries equally as effective and beneficial compared to natural gas?

Solar batteries can store energy and be used for a variety of in-home appliances, or even used to power outdoor features. Ultimately, this can decrease the cost of your electricity bills over time. 

Additionally, you don’t have to stress about finding solar batteries. They are becoming much more widely available and popular. Certain models will only be able to store a specific amount, so be sure that you check into what ones will work best for your home. Don’t be intimidated, Texas Direct Solar is a Certified Clean Energy installer with Generac, and has experience installing LG Chem and Enphase batteries too so we can help customize a solution that best fits your needs.

Solar batteries are also smaller and more portable than any other source of energy out there. They don’t generate a lot of noise when they are being used, compared to a natural gas generator, and will be much more inconspicuous as they are often in the garage.

You don’t need to set out a whole space in the backyard for it. Keep in mind, that while the cost of electricity over time is generally lower, the initial start up cost with solar batteries can be more expensive.

What Are Solar Batteries?

Some of you might be wondering what solar batteries even are. Typically – these batteries are constructed with lithium-ion materials. While lithium allows for energy to come into the battery, the lithium-ion combination works to let energy pass to and from.

This means that it can easily be recharged. While lithium used to be more expensive, the cost is dropping as more automotive companies – such as Tesla – are promoting electric vehicles. Lithium-ion batteries are also the same ones that are used in a lot of your electronic devices. 

Your solar battery will fluctuate on how long it will last and the power it distributes. A lot of this depends on your electric consumption and the types of power loads you try to power for example, a washer and dryer draw more power than compared to say a light bulb.

How Long Will It Last?

You want to make sure that your renewable source of energy is going to last for years to come. Solar is a great way to transition to something that will ultimately cost less in the long run, is environmentally friendly, and is easy to manage. 

Typically, solar panels can last up to 30 years. (The equipment all carries manufactures warranties by the way). They only take a few days at most to install; depending on how many solar panels you are installing and your specific project demands. Whether you are interested in solar panels for your business or home, a professional solar panel installation company, like Texas Direct Solar, can give you pricing estimates and guidelines for solar and battery backup.


Natural gas generators are a great start to switching to renewable forms of energy. When compared to solar batteries and panels – solar edges out natural gas in reducing your carbon footprint.

Solar batteries are also smaller, quieter, and easier to maintain. If you live somewhere with plenty of sun and deal with high electricity bills, then consider making the switch to solar. For more information on solar batteries, or solar panels just click the button below and give us a call.

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