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What is Net Metering and How Does it Work in Texas?

, What is Net Metering and How Does it Work in Texas?

Curious about solar installation Houston, Texas? A lot of customers recognize the benefits that come with solar installations. Net metering is an important part of the process, as net metering can save solar installation customers quite a bit of money on their future energy bills. So what is Net Metering?

Understanding Net Metering

Net metering can be a substantial financial incentive for those that choose the solar installation route, and Texas Direct Solar can help you understand the basics. Installing Solar Panels means that you’re generating your very own energy and electricity but what if you produce more than you use? That’s where Net Metering comes to play.

How Net Metering Works in Texas

At any point during the day, if your property (home or business) produces more electricity than used, you’ll receive credits from your utility company that assists with future energy bills. For example, if your business is equipped with solar panels, yet you’re closed on Mondays, that property will produce more electricity than it uses, especially on a sunny day.

Utilizing net metering means that you’re essentially exporting the unused portion of your self-produced electricity back to the energy grid. By doing so, you build a credit that’s applied when you’re using more power and taking electricity from the grid.

Texas Energy Companies and Their Net Metering Incentives

Various energy companies in and around Houston, Texas, offer incentives regarding solar installation and net metering. At the time that this was written here are a few:

Green Mountain Energy

Green Mountain Energy offers a Renewable Rewards Buyback Plan in which customers will receive credit for 100% of the excess energy provided to the grid from their solar panel system. Program benefits include one-to-one buyback credits, fixed-priced electricity throughout the term of the contract, and easy credit rollover.

TXU Energy

The TXU Energy Renewable Buyback plan rewards solar clients will bill credits and flat rate fees for 100% Texas wind or solar power from the grid.

Reliant Energy

The Reliant Energy Simple Solar Sell Back 12 Plan allows customers to choose credits using the same price they pay for electricity for any excess electricity that runs to the grid. Perks include a low electricity cost for 12 months, and sell-back credits immediately applied to your account.

Net Metering Encourages Solar Energy Use

The process of net metering is a fantastic way to give back to consumers putting their best foot forward when it comes to sustainability. By rewarding conservation behavior with billing incentives, we can boost the number of solar customers and take the steps toward a brighter future.

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