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Texas Direct Solar is offering Remote Quotes for Free!

Solar Design Example

Texas Direct Solar is offering free virtual solar quotes. “How?” you might ask? To kick things off we’ll have a phone or Zoom meeting with you to identify your needs, then we import your data into our software from Aurora Solar Software to model your home taking into account your consumption and site specific details like shading, trees, roof planes, etc. Aurora is noted in the industry for its accuracy which helps us have a high degree of confidence that we can size your system to meet your goals. (Now, while our software and our design team is pretty awesome they are greatly improved if we receive a robust data set of your actual energy usage). So that’s why we recommend 12 months of electric bills, or usage.

How a Virtual Solar Appointment Works

Here’s how a virtual solar quote works:

  1. You provide us with your address and your monthly energy bills,
  2.  We pull that data into our software, it allows us to

 Analyze your energy requirements. – Locate and model your home in 3-D. – Conduct a comprehensive shading analysis of your roof using LIDAR surveying technology, so we can optimize panel placement for yield efficiency.

-Interactively simulate sun positioning for any time of day, any day of the year!

– Add a virtual panel system to your home and simulate your energy production, so we can compile an array of preference based options for you, whether it’s Performance or Price Tag, we’ll find an option that’s personalized for your needs.

Lastly it allows us to compare financing options so we can find you the option that best works for you as well as adding the potential tax credits. (More on that topic here)

All of this is rolled into a neat package which we’ll go over with you, absolutely free, and without you having to lift a finger!

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