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Solar Energy: Once and Ideal, now a Necessity.

Solar Panels on a home

It’s been an odd month here at Texas Direct Solar, first it was the flood and the boil water warning, merely the foreshadowing of something bigger. The media started buzzing, Houstonians started looking out for their folks, and from Pearland to Livingston, Willowbend to Katy supplies started flying off the aisles, and then we were finally caught in the wake of the pandemic that’s sweeping over the globe, the topic of the year, COVID-19.

We won’t pretend like Coronavirus hasn’t affected the world, it’s a frightening ordeal not only for our families and friends, but for humanity. Certain sectors have taken a bad hit, and a natural reaction would be to give into the panic, but in this day and age, the surplus of information can cloud our better judgement and distract us from the critical facts. We’ve examined where we stand as a company in these times, and we are resolute to push forward bringing renewable power to as many homes and businesses as possible.  While we have always prioritized worker and customer safety we are taking an extra step by offering a completely remote and no touch experience.  What does that mean? 

Well-you can schedule a phone or video consultation. We can model your system in advance and analyze your bills, schedule your installation, and have a crew of experienced installers put a system on your roof all while you sit comfortably inside your home sipping a tea or beverage of your choice. 

Remember we offer $0 down financing and offset emissions for every installation by helping restore the Texas coast.

If this month has taught us anything about the future, it’s that in these times ruled by uncertainty, sometimes the only ones we can depend on are ourselves, and that self-sufficiency isn’t just an ideal anymore, it’s a necessity.

Until then, on behalf of all of us here at Texas Direct Solar, we hope you stay safe, informed, and healthy

To get started just call 832-452-1259 or CLICK HERE and we’ll take care of everything.