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S-Energy Panels

Solar panel example

Every so often we get questions about solar equipment. Sometimes people just want to know the basics of how a panel works and other times they want to dive into the technical specs. So, we thought what better way to familiarize folks with solar than introducing different types of equipment.

First, we should say that we only install TIER 1 equipment and are focused on quality and affordability. 

So let’s talk about a solar panel from S-Energy. S-Energy is a global company that has been making solar panels since 1994. Their SN60 and SN72 lines of solar panels have been a popular choice for homeowners switching to Solar Energy.

, S-Energy Panels

Maxing out at either 365Wp – 385Wp the solar panels are extremely resilient to harsh

weather conditions and come in either Mono or Polycrystalline, with different frames to choose from so whatever your priority is: Aesthetic, Performance or Price there is an option for you!  

We also like that S-Energy is also a  registered member of the PV Cycle recycling program to ensure solar panels can be properly processed after their life cycle has ended. 

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