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Enphase Ensemble Certified

Texas Direct Solar + Enphase = a powerful combination

As your locally based solar and battery installer Texas Direct Solar is proud to install Enphase battery storage and micro inverter systems. If you are looking at solar options you may have already come across the two main types of inverter technologies” microinverters and string inverters. Just so you know we’ve done both kinds of systems 🙂

(For more information on microinverter technology just scroll down a bit).

For those of you that are curious about Enphase as a brand we belive this video sums up the value of an Enphase Energy system fairly well.

Robust 24/7 Monitoring

As a solar installer having access to real time data and responsive manufacturer support is imperative. We love Enphase for their capability to offer both. Their customer facing application very robust in the level of detail it provides– down to the level of each individual panel. In fact we have many customers that watch their system real time on their phone daily! Here’s a little video showcasing some of the app’s function.

Microinverter Technology

Enphase is a pioneer in the microinverter market and brings that experience to make a great product. Click the video below to learn more about this technology and how it differs from string inverters. 

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