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What Happens to Solar Panels in a Hurricane?

Hurricane swirling

Even though Hurricane Harvey was over three years ago, it still is closely held in our memory. If you’re considering solar installation in Houston, but you’re worried about whether your solar panels will withstand another hurricane, keep reading.

How Durable are Solar Panels?

You’ll be pleased to know that solar panels are designed to be extremely durable. After all, they’re constantly exposed to the elements, which will always include the risk of freak weather conditions. When Florida was hit by Hurricane Irma, many homes and businesses with solar panels found that the mounting units were still holding the panels firmly in place.

Can Solar Panels Withstand a Hurricane?

Most types of solar panels are designed to withstand wind speeds of approximately 140mph, making them durable in all but the most destructive of hurricanes. It’s also possible that your solar panels may see some water damage, however, most home insurers will cover this. If you’re curious about this we recommend that you please check with your home insurer. All in all, solar panels are designed to withstand everything that your home can.

Solar Installation in Houston

If you’re looking to install solar panels to make your home more sustainable, or give you peace of mind in case of a power outage, get in touch with our friendly team at Texas Direct Solar to learn more.

Photo Credit: courtesy of Mike Trenchard, Earth Sciences & Image Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center.