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Going Solar 101 – 6: Types of Solar: Battery Storage and Off Grid Solar

Going Solar 101-Serious About Sustainability

So by now you should have a handle on Grid-Tied Solar and Net Metering, but you’re going to want to know about the maximum form of energy independence before making any decisions. Without further ado, here’s how Off-Grid Solar works.

How do I get off the grid with solar?

In order for a system to be viable, it will have to be large enough to capture the energy required to keep you going through the day and the night, in more formal terms, your Daily Wattage Needs, which can be calculated by multiplying the wattage of all your appliances by their hours of use. The resulting wattage from the calculation will be the baseline at which you gauge the size of your system.

How do I run my power during low light periods if I’m not connected to the grid?

Battery Storage, you’ll capture solar energy and produce power, then feed that power into the batteries, then during low light periods the system will use the stored energy from the batteries as backup, and repeat the cycle once the sun is up again.

Is that all I have to choose when deciding to go solar?

Pretty much, after you decide which system model works best for you,there are a few other considerations that you should be aware of which we discuss further in the series,but other than that choice the process is streamlined from then on out, you just have to make the choice and the rest will take care of itself.